Cactus, Succulents, Southwest charm Wedding cakes

Being in Sedona Arizona Brides are looking to bring a bit of the desert or Southwest flare into the cake design. After being asked a few time to put real cactus or succulents on a cake I created these cakes using pastillage sugar and marzipan.  I can’t even image putting a real cactus on a cake…..ouch!

Hand sculpted Sugar Succulents


Here is a sweet cake with a Bride and Groom made from Marzipan into the shape of a Cactus Bride & Groom.

Sugar Cactus Bride & Groom Topper
Sugar Cactus Bride & Groom Topper

Tuscan finished buttercream creates the canvas for this wedding cake.  Sugar rocks surround the Marzipan  cactus Bride & Groom.


  1. Would you be willing to share your recipe/method for your beautiful pastillage sugar and marzipan succulents? They’re so gorgeous; I’m particularly interested to know how you got the color. I was thinking of going with a green further toward black, but your color is much more elegant. Thanks so much for posting your inspiring work! Elizabeth

    • Thank you! I actually made it up as I went…….. I bought some real plants used them as my aid. It was helpful to have them sitting by my side. That way I was able to tweak the sizing and colors. Hope this helps. Love to see what you come up with. I send you the email address

  2. Would you please share your recipe for the succulents? They’re gorgeous! I am especially interested in how you got the striking colors. Thanks so much for posting your beautiful work.


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