Rustic, organic, Natural wedding cakes

Organic, rustic, natural and green are a few trends we at Sedona Sweet Arts are seeing. Here is a popular buttercream design referred as “Rustic”. One of Donna Joy’s pics of this design is popping up in blogs all over the world! Some say messy…:) But look real close yes she piped the ribs on the cake! I know her hand was sore with this one. The beautiful fresh flowers were provided to us by Bliss Extraordinary Floral.

Now rustic cakes can be affordable. They can also have some custom made sugar flowers like this cake. the cake below is a textured buttercream with handmade sugar flowers from Donna Joy of Sedona Sweet Arts.  The sugar flowers were made to match a color swatch provided by the bride.

The next cake is a Tuscan Wavy finish. This is also a soft price point cake. The buttercream waves were created to be dramatic!  Add the burnt orange-red hand made calla lilies and wow it fits the decor.The next cake has a great spin off the first cake or the Rustic Buttercream. One layer white, then a chocolate, then a white. Cool looking isn’t it? Adorned with fresh flowers provided to the bakery to adorn the cake by Sedona Floral.  The awesome fresh flowers matches the wedding party exact. Don’t you love the sunflowers?

Check out the hand painted sugar flowers in the next grouping. To see more of Donna Joy’s work visit Sedona Sweet Arts.


  1. Hi! I absolutely love the unique and quality designs that your cakes have. I was just wondering if you have any free email sign up?

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