Sedona Wedding Cakes – Sedona Sweet Arts

Sedona Sweet Arts is created by the partnership of Pastry Chef  Donna Joy and Restaurateur Dana Varney. Moving to the small town of Sedona Arizona they open a restaurant in 1994. The restaurant was a smashing success where customers lined up in order to get a tasty treat from them. It didn’t take long for other restaurants to request their fabulous baked goods, desserts and cakes to serve in their own restaurants throughout the area. Then the Brides started to line up.

Having more work then they could take own Donna Joy and Dana decided to focus in on the Sugar culinary Arts and sold their restaurant and moved into a new location space a bakery. Creating everything from scratch they make Croissants, Danish, cookies, tarts, pies, cakes, even  Truffles. After 6 years they need more floor space so they moved into the current space located at 2655 West State Route 89A Sedona AZ.

Finding her niche Pastry Chef & Culinary Artist Donna Joy creates all kinds of sugar works of art. She is well know for her sugar pieces such as sugar flowers. Get routinely request by other sugar artist for classes and to purchase her sugar pieces.

As seen in

Pastry Chef Donna Joy has won numerous awards for her work including People Magazines Best Arizona Wedding Cake, The Knot Best Wedding Cake, Best wedding cake (3 years) Wedding Wire, Best Desserts, Best Bakery, Best cake decorating. Her cakes have been featured in many magazines.

Donna Joy has also developed a line of Gluten Free Baking mixes along with regular baking mixes. You now can make a cake or gluten free brownies at home.

Donna Joy also serves on the board of the Sedona Wedding Professionals Association a non profit organization helping couples create the perfect Sedona Wedding.


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