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Donna Joy provides limited custom cakes after 24 years running a full service Bakery Cafe she now can do what she enjoys the best, Special Event Cakes.

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Creative Custom Elopement Wedding Cakes

With the cost weddings increasing many Sedona Brides and Grooms are selecting to have a more intimate wedding with all the bells and whistles.  For example they select to have 45 guest or less but do most of the elements in a manner that captures them.  Creating a smaller cake may not be less time from the cake artist standpoint, as we will scratch bake the cake the day before the wedding, make homemade fondant and filling. Our Pastry Chef and Cake Artist Donna Joy custom creates the sugar flowers. So even our smaller cakes are work of art, blending the science of baking along with the art of sculpting, creating and crafting the cake.

We loved this one. A smaller wedding were the couple got married in Tlaquepaque, an award winning wedding venue and had their reception at Rene’s a upscale restaurant with gourmet European cuisine.  Rene’s a local favorite has also won many awards for their awesome ambiance and food.

The Bride wanted a cake that sang. The Orange fondant cake was done in a smaller serving size, then the  cake was adorned with edible rice paper butterflies. The flavor of the cake was Donna Joy’s Gluten Free Carrot Cake so that everyone at the wedding party could enjoy.

The next cake was created for a beautiful wedding at Amara Resort. The couple also having an intimate wedding selected to create the custom cake slighting larger with the theme of Day of the Dead.  This adorable cake topper was provided by the Bride & Groom.  The square fondant cake was stenciled in a black floral vine. The cake was adorned with Donna Joy’s hand made pastillage sugar flowers.

Everyone at Sedona Sweet Arts loves creating works of art for every size wedding. To see more wedding cakes check out Sedona Wedding Cakes. To order Gluten Free products and baking mixes check out Sedona Sweet Arts on line Store.

Custom Wedding Cakes

Sedona Sweet Arts has many Brides and Grooms that know what they want. Today’s world has really open up all the possibilities for a coup getting married.  Tiffany Blue, Black , and White were the color theme.  Simple with a touch a nature was what this couple was looking for. They came in prepared. They had a color swatch for us to match the fondant to. They knew they wanted a Tiffany blue canvas of fondant with a branch and white flowers with black centers.

So the Branch was made out of black chocolate leather match the color theme.  The sugar flowers were created by Donna Joy of Sedona Sweet Arts.    The lovely couple got married at Sedona Golf Resort.

Sedona has many perfect wedding venues for every style and size wedding.  Custom Sedona Wedding Cakes can be created just for you. To see more of Sedona Sweet Arts cake please “like” us on Facebook

Festival of Trees Gingerbread Houses 2011 Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village

This year Donna Joy and Sedona Sweet Arts was proud to participate in Tlaquepaque Arts and Craft Village – Festival of Trees event. The festival starts November 25th in the Tlaquepaque Ballroom from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. Upstairs from Rene’s restaurant.  When you walk into Tlaquepaque’s ballroom and you’ll be swept away with all the awesome Christmas trees and artistic gingerbread houses. Festival of Trees TlaquepaqueDon’t miss the Grand Finale Auction and Cocktail reception on Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm where they  will announce the winners of the silent auction! This is sure to be a fun time for all! Tickets will be available shortly and are only $10.00 per person or $15.00 per couple!  Call 928-282-4838 to reserve your spot.  All proceeds from this festive event will benefit Verde Valley Toys for Tots and Arizona Indian Living Treasures.

We hope that you all get over to this special event and bid on Sedona Sweet Arts on Sedona Sweet Hearts Gingerbread Manor.  Check out the steps we used to create this gingerbread wonderland.

So here what Donna Joy did, in order to make a template for the baking of the gingerbread she created a mock up using cardboard, paper, and pins.   Ouch! was heard many times during this phase…….she kept pinning her fingers! The angles of the roof line needed to be determined.

The based board was then created using fondant.

Gingerbread was rolled and cut to the templates created from the mock up. Then sugar was added to the windows to create that see through effect. The finished product has interior lights, these lights light up the inside of house which can be seen through the sugar glass windows.

Tree were made, cactus, puppy dog, peppermint trees, benches, flowers.

Since the structure was much larger than a normal gingerbread house. Interior wall supports were created in the design. We wanted to make sure that we had enough support for the double roof line. Between the walls were pathways for the wiring of the lights.

I especially like the roof, it being multi angled. If you look close you can see that Donna Joy textured the roof panels before she bake them. It give a neat texture and cut out fondant tiles to finish it off.

The theme a Sedona Sweet Heart Gingerbread Manor captured tons of Sedona elements such as Sedona Red rocks, prickly pear cactus, scrub oak, pines. All those special landscape items we love about Sedona.

We loved the planters created with peppermint candy, pretzels. One of our other favorite elements is the benches made from gingerbread and pretzels. It reminded us of the rustic benches we see in the Sedona Area. And the Lights!!!!!!!

So Donna Joy created this in the hopes of raising money for a great cause, bringing in  some holiday cheer. Used in this piece: gingerbread, fondant, pastillage, gum paste, royal icing, assorted candies, rice krispies treats.  A true piece of edible art.  Check out the festive of Trees event at Tlaquepaque.

To see more work of Donna’s “like” Sedona Sweet Arts Facebook page or visit of web site.

Ruffle Wedding Cakes

Lately we become dreaming of ruffles….. yes Sugar ruffles. Cake and Ruffles…… We have a few new designs in the works but check out these two sweet cakes.

Classic and fun Yellow and Gray colors for a wedding……….. Check out all the fondant gray ruffle cascading the cake.

I love this cake! Ruffles run up the sides of cake. Then it adorned with hand sculpted sugar flowers by Pastry chef and Culinary Artist Donna Joy. Don’t you love the texture of the cake?

Sedona Sweet Arts is always coming up with new cake designs check out their web site or “like” them on facebook to keep up with new designs.

Rustic, organic, Natural wedding cakes

Organic, rustic, natural and green are a few trends we at Sedona Sweet Arts are seeing. Here is a popular buttercream design referred as “Rustic”. One of Donna Joy’s pics of this design is popping up in blogs all over the world! Some say messy…:) But look real close yes she piped the ribs on the cake! I know her hand was sore with this one. The beautiful fresh flowers were provided to us by Bliss Extraordinary Floral.

Now rustic cakes can be affordable. They can also have some custom made sugar flowers like this cake. the cake below is a textured buttercream with handmade sugar flowers from Donna Joy of Sedona Sweet Arts.  The sugar flowers were made to match a color swatch provided by the bride.

The next cake is a Tuscan Wavy finish. This is also a soft price point cake. The buttercream waves were created to be dramatic!  Add the burnt orange-red hand made calla lilies and wow it fits the decor.The next cake has a great spin off the first cake or the Rustic Buttercream. One layer white, then a chocolate, then a white. Cool looking isn’t it? Adorned with fresh flowers provided to the bakery to adorn the cake by Sedona Floral.  The awesome fresh flowers matches the wedding party exact. Don’t you love the sunflowers?

Check out the hand painted sugar flowers in the next grouping. To see more of Donna Joy’s work visit Sedona Sweet Arts.

Dessert Bar Wedding Treats

Wedding Dessert Bars

Trendy Brides love to make their wedding fit their passions regardless to the size of the wedding party. At Sedona Sweet Arts we are seeing all kinds of wedding desserts from napoleons, eclairs, macarons, dipped strawberries, and candy including dessert bars with an assortment of yummy treats.   Sedona Sweet Arts loves creating these custom dessert bars for all size wedding parties. Below is a example of an Elopement size wedding party, 15 guests that we created for Sedona’s  Amara Resort.

Sedona Wedding Petite Style

Here is a sweet petite four style wedding dessert display. These tasty bites are all made from scratch including the hand molded chocolate mousse cups which were filled with a bittersweet chocolate chanity style mousse. The zesty tarts are filled with Pastry Chef Donna Joy’s homemade lemon curd adorned with a fresh raspberry nestled on a flaky homemade tart shell. The last dessert on this mini dessert bar wedding is a classic creamy vanilla cheesecake.

Don’t be fooled with the frozen selection!  Everyone can buy in frozen bites to serve. The rare jewel of homemade pastries like this can not be match. One bite and you know!  The dessert bar style wedding treats  are custom created to fit your wedding needs. Check out Sedona Sweet Arts for more ideas and to connect with Donna Joy.

Interested in having your wedding at Amara? Give April Bates a call (928) 282-4828 or visit their website

Sweet smooth Buttercream Wedding cake – Cheescake Wedding cakes

How Sweet is this? Smooth buttercream canvas is the cake, accented with yummy chocolate swirls then adorned with hand sculpted sugar Calla Lilies by Donna Joy of Sedona Sweet Arts. The design is a Donna Joy’s original created for a Bride getting married in beautiful Tlaquepaque Chapel in Sedona Arizona. Tlaquepaque unique flare of Old World charm creates a romantic location.

The orginal design Tlaquepaque Calla Lilies was done with hand sculpted hand painted  Flame Calla Lilies. Then to top it off the Bride had Donna Joy hide the cheesecakes under the sweet frosting.

Changing the colors of the Calla lilies to fit the Wedding decor. Davids Bridal “Pool” colored Calla Lilies.

Sweet Buttercream Wedding Cake

Check out more of Sedona Sweet Arts work at their web site.


Sedona Sweet Arts – Sedona Wedding Cakes Best of Knot Weddings

How sweet is this? Sedona Sweet Arts / Sedona Wedding Cakes wins “Best of Weddings” by the Knot. Thank you Brides

The Knot "Best of Weddings 2011 pick"

Check out Sedona Sweet Arts wedding cakes online or visit their web site.

Cactus, Succulents, Southwest charm Wedding cakes

Being in Sedona Arizona Brides are looking to bring a bit of the desert or Southwest flare into the cake design. After being asked a few time to put real cactus or succulents on a cake I created these cakes using pastillage sugar and marzipan.  I can’t even image putting a real cactus on a cake…..ouch!

Hand sculpted Sugar Succulents


Here is a sweet cake with a Bride and Groom made from Marzipan into the shape of a Cactus Bride & Groom.

Sugar Cactus Bride & Groom Topper
Sugar Cactus Bride & Groom Topper

Tuscan finished buttercream creates the canvas for this wedding cake.  Sugar rocks surround the Marzipan  cactus Bride & Groom.